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Camera andd Video to DVD
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Audio Tape to CD
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We beat any comparable quotation both in quality and pricing! White label service available on request.

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Who are we? A Mini Blog ....

We are a bespoke family owned business. Our goal since 1989 is to convert any old media archive you may have containing your precious family heritage. If it contains a moving picture with or without sound or an audio recording , we are interested! This extends to corporate clients who may be sitting on decades worth of unseen material, simply gathering dust, or even worse, decomposing forever.

Simply bring in or post your old cine films, video taped or sound recordings on almost any system ever invented in the last 50 years and we can transpose these onto Digital Formats. In this way your personal family memories or business archive is updated and preserved for the digital age. By the way the lady opposite is not anyone we know , its stock art. We paid for it . Consider it part of the theater of the mind ..... I'm sure you wouldn't want a picture of a middle aged balding man with a fat tummy instead? You get the idea.

Contact us anytime via our website . If you need to speak to a consultant [me] please call . Btw I can be grumpy some days. If I am, it means the pills aren't working. I take my work seriously, I buy the machines, I mend the machines, I fix the tapes and make the coffee. If I'm still doing this vocation it means I haven't won the lottery yet or robbed a bank. . H.G.

Weekday Mornings: 0752 5149977 or 0208 953 7757


AV Transfers is a leader in Cine, Video, Photo and Audio preservation since 1989!

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We transfer new and vintage formats to disc or computer file in order to preserve your memories for future generations. We use some of the best equipment available today, from professional studio format video playback decks, to high-end equipment for virtually every home format, to bespoke cine film transfer machines designed by our own team of dedicated professionals. Bring the memories of yesterday alive today! Click Here for address and operation hours

We prefer e-mail enquires and respond to these faster [click here]

We will assist you to choose the right medium to preserve your precious memories!

For a list of the computer file formats we can supply [visit here]

We pride ourselves on our quality and very affordable rates. Bulk / O.A.P discounts available.

Not only that but we provide a high grade service at prices competitors couldn't even dream of!

We can help you preserve those golden memories forever !

We transfer from a wide variety of video , film and audio formats at Un-beatable prices:

Video to DVD Transfer Services

We specialise in most consumer and many professional video formats:

Typical Home User Formats:

VHS, Super VHS, D-VHS, BetaMax, Super Beta.


Camcorder Formats including:

VHS-C , S-VHS C, Video 8, Hi-8, Digital 8, Mini DV, Micro MV, HDV Large/Small, Memory Card, DVD-RW/Ram.


Professional Formats including:

HDCam, DV Cam, XDCam, DVC Pro, Digital S/D9, Any Betacam Format. MII Panasonic. 1" Reel Videocorder [NTSC/Pal] . W-VHS (Hi Vision), U-Matic , U-Matic SP, U-Matic PCM 1630 [All Transferred to Pro-Res, MP4 H264 or DVD]


Rare and Vintage Formats:

Akai 1/4" BW VTR, CVC Video, Sanyo VChord, 1/2" Videocord, Philips Video 2000, Philips 'VCR' and VCR LP.

Please see our video section or contact us if you have an enquiry.

Most television systems are accomodated NTSC, PAL , SECAM, MESECAM.


Cine Film To DVD Service

Truespeed Flash Transfers: Standard 8, Single 8, Super 8 Cine, Sound Super 8mm ,

9.5mm or 16mm Film transfer to DVD or Pro-Res/

Mastered onto DVD (Computer File /Mini DV or Betacam * Blu Ray also available)

Sound / Audio transfer to CD Service

DAT. DCC. Audio Cassette. Lp record. Reel to Reel. Minidisc . PCM Video.

8mm and VHS ADAT. Multi Channel 1/2 and 1/4" . Elcaset.

Paypal Only We Accept Paypal , Bank Transfer, Cash or Cheque ,

Credit Card/Debit card available on collection (for orders above £150)

Download and print our order form here to send in with your transfer orders.

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